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Stephanie Wright

Person-Centred Psychotherapist, Couples Therapist &
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.
BsC Hons Nutrition. 
MA Person-Centred Psychotherapy.

MNCPS Accredited.
UKCMM Accredited.
BPS Approved.

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Stephanie, a Person-Centred Psychotherapist, based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

I currently work with individuals and couples who are looking to take control of their health, happiness and relationships. We work together to create a safe relationship in which you are able to work through whatever it is that has been holding you back. We all deserve a  non-judgemental space in which we are able to explore all parts of us, especially the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden away.

Maybe you have been feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or disconnected. Whatever it is, you don't need to struggle alone. Our lives, thoughts and emotions can be overwhelming and therapy can help to centre our thoughts, process our experiences and develop our understanding of ourselves.

As a Person-Centred Psychotherapist I strongly believe that you are the expert in our sessions. This isn't a message we hear very often; we can continuously find ourselves in situations throughout all ages of our lives where we feel obligated to please others, adapt our behaviours to make others happy and sacrifice ourselves whilst we put other's wants and needs before our own. Sometimes it can feel like we aren't even sure what our own wants and needs even are anymore!

This is where I believe tension and discomfort can settle in; we've stopped listening and living for ourselves. Person-Centred Therapy helps you to discover the real you. Through creating a therapeutic relationship full of compassion and acceptance, it is my hope that you learn to understand and accept yourself. My role is never to label, counsel or advise you; no one understands your life better than you. My role as therapist is to help guide you back to yourself; supporting and encouraging you to reclaim control of your own life and emotions. 

If you feel ready to start working through what is holding you back, then please reach out.

I currently offer face to face sessions at The Practice Rooms (Broomhill).

Looking forward to working along side you!

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