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Person-Centred Psychotherapy


As your therapist, I work to offer you a safe, non-judgemental space where you are able to explore whatever feels right for you at whatever pace feels right for you. Maybe you already know what is it you would like to explore, or maybe you can't quite identify it, either way is perfectly fine. 

 As a Person-Centred Psychotherapist I strongly believe that you are the expert in our sessions. (Person-Centred = YOU-Centred).

This isn't a message we hear very often; we can continuously find ourselves in situations throughout all ages of our lives where we feel obligated to please others, adapt our behaviours to make others happy and sacrifice ourselves whilst we put their wants and needs before our own. Sometimes it can feel like we aren't even sure what our own wants and needs even are anymore! This is where I believe tension and discomfort can settle in; we've stopped listening and living for ourselves.

I would like to help you find clarity and understand yourself better.

Unlike other models of therapy, I am not here to label, diagnose, counsel or advise you, I won't be yet another person telling you how you should think, feel or behave. I am here to help you guide yourself towards a life full of purpose and connection, in whatever way makes sense for you. 

Person-Centred Therapy helps you to discover the real you. Through creating a therapeutic relationship full of compassion and acceptance, it is my hope that you learn to understand and accept yourself. 

I have experience working alongside many different clients who are all experiencing individual struggles ranging from abuse, trauma, eating disorders, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, depression, trauma, body dysmorphia, bereavement, disassociation, emotional abuse, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, PTSD, self harm, panic attacks, social anxiety, suicidal thoughts, suicide bereavement, loneliness and burnout.

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