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Mindfulness Meditation

There are many way to re-connect with your authentic self and honour the needs of your mind and body. A practice of mindfulness and meditation is a powerful way to invest in not only yourself, but your personal relationships and the world around you.

Proven to help with depression, anxiety, stress, low-mood, overwhelm and exhaustion. Mindfulness can help you relate to your thoughts and feelings on a deeper level, encouraging you to really listen to what it is your mind and body needs. Through personal reflection, Mindfulness can help to ease internal suffering, self-judgement and critical thoughts. Leading to compassion, awareness and acceptance.

So much of life is lived on auto-pilot; busy lives, busy minds. What could we gain if we connected to our minds, bodies and the world around us and were truly aware. 

Mindfulness is quite literally the practice of awareness.

Our busy lives and busy minds typically lead to stress, exhaustion and burnout. "Everything will be okay when this weeks over...". Then next week arrives and the pattern repeats. Sound familiar? How much of life are we missing while we wait for it to calm down?

Mindfulness can offer you the chance to take a breath, pause, reflect, listen, understand and appreciate. The learnings we benefit from in sessions can be taken out into everyday life, giving you a tool kit to help ground yourself and find peace in between sessions.

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