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Giant Strelitzia Nicolai

Couples Therapy

Relationships are hard work!

Committing time and energy into cultivating a fulfilling relationship can be greatly rewarding. Your relationship doesn't need to be at breaking point or in crisis - all couples can benefit.

Couples Therapy helps to create a space in which you can both share and listen effectively, compassionately and harmoniously. We will work together to help you:

-Effectively communicate - it's important to feel heard and understood

-Listen with curiosity and empathy - it's important to have the skills to ensure your partner also feels heard and understood

-Improve how you relate to one another - we will practice responding not reacting in order to help potentially difficult conversations go smoothly

-View your relationship as one unit - instead of being against each other, join forces. See problems as opportunities and chance to understand one another on a deeper level

-Identify & enhance the strengths within your relationship - focusing on the negatives can be all too easy and highlighting the positive way in which you come together can get lost

-Identify the conflict within the relationship - the parts you both play.

-Challenge the conflict within your relationship - change the pattern, not your partner

-Heal from the conflict within your relationship - move forward with understanding

-Couples Therapy can also help to support a peaceful separation if you decide this is best


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