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Starting therapy can be daunting. But it also shows great strength and vulnerability. Hopefully some of these frequently asked questions and answers can offer some peace of mind.

Where will in-person session be held?

- I currently work from The Practice Rooms in Broomhill. ( The Practice Rooms is a beautiful building offering calmness and privacy for clients. There is plenty of parking at both the front and the back of the building and it is close to public transport options.

How often will our sessions be and for how long?

- Sessions are 60 minutes.  

- Couples Counselling sessions are 90 minutes .

- Mindfulness Meditation sessions are 60 minutes.

The last 5 - 10 minutes of a session can be used to wrap up, re-cap and to book in our next session. This breathing space at the end of a session also allows for sessions to run over, which is sometimes needed. 

The frequency of the sessions is completely up to you, remember, you're the expert, and you will know what feels right. Most clients opt for weekly sessions, and some find fortnightly easier to navigate depending on other commitments.


What will happen on the discovery call?

- The discovery call gives us both an opportunity to introduce ourselves and get a feel for each other. There's no pressure! You could use this time to tell me a little bit about yourself and maybe about what brings you to therapy. It will also give you a chance to ask me any questions you may have. 


What if I don't want to continue after the discovery call?

- As always, there's no pressure. It's important that you feel confident in your choice of therapist and I understand that I won't be the right fit for everyone. 


What about if I see you in public?

- For some, this may be a cause of concern. This may be something you would like to talk about more in the discovery call. If we happen to see each other in public I will let you lead the way. If you don't interact with me, that's absolutely fine. If you engage first, I will be more than happy to say hello.

What about payment / cancelling sessions etc?

If we decide to go ahead with therapy we will also create a 'Therapy Contract'. This will set out everything you need to know about payments, missed sessions, cancellation policies, and everything in-between. I will make sure we are both happy with the contract before starting therapy sessions together.


What's my first step?

Reach out via or via the 'Get In Touch' page. We can organise a complimentary discovery call, and then see where that takes us! My Counselling Directory page has a week by week calendar of my availability for intro calls.

I look forward to working alongside you.

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